Major News from Ricoh


Ricoh USA has announced some major changes this week which will positively impact our business.

We have often competed with the Ricoh direct sales team in the past but Ricoh has  now changed their strategy. On Monday, April 3 they are no longer competing with any dealer in the SMB space. The SMB space is where most of our business is generated and so this is big news for us.

This does not mean that Ricoh will remove themselves from larger accounts though. They will be keeping any account with more than 250 employees and $50 million in revenue. If the account has less than 25 units Ricoh direct will no longer be chasing that business. They will maintain their existing customers via an inside sales team located in St Louis, MO.

Finally, Ricoh have now officially added the Knoxville and surrounding territory to Saratoga and have extended our territory into the Chattanooga and North Georgia area as well – this is a huge new service area for us and we are excited for the opportunities this will bring. With this bigger territory we have also agreed with Ricoh that we will trade using the SAVIN brand throughout all locations. Over the next few weeks we will transition away from using Lanier and use only the Savin brand name. Please note the products are identical.

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